来る JpGU 2013 年大会の固体系セクション分野横断型国際セッションとして、 S-IT03 "Earth and Planetary Cores Seen from Multi-disciplinary Approaches" が採択されています。


Dear Colleagues,

As we will have JpGU Meeting in Japan (May 19-24, 2013), we would like to invite you to consider subimtting your abstracts to the session, International Session S-IT03 "Earth and Planetary Cores Seen from Multi-disciplinary Approaches"

Recently, the physical properties relating to the Earth's core are revisited under exact conditions. Their new features activate many discussions: for example, hexagonal close-packed iron may be nearly isotropic, which requires a new mechanism of inner core anisotropy; thermal conductivity may be 2-3 times larger than the previous estimates, which inhibits vigorous convection in the outer core and requires a young inner core. We can find the Earth's core is still a mysterious region. As for the core of the other planetary body, the Moon's core is discovered by using Apollo seismic data, which should be confirmed and further constrained by new scientific project with modern techniques. Here we would like to have an opportunity to discuss recent advances and exchange interesting ideas about the Earth's and planetary cores. We welcome any papers from any discipline, such as mineral physics, geomagnetism, geodynamics, seismology and any other relevant fields.

Confirmed invited speakers,
Yoichi Usui (IFREE, JAMSTEC)
Hiro Matsui (UC Berkeley)
Naoki Kobayashi (JAXA)

For more information of JpGU meeting, please visit the web-site shown below,

The deadlines for the submission of abstracts are February 3rd, 2013 for Advance submission with submission fee of 1500JPY February 15th, 2013 for Normal submission with submission fee of 3000JPY Additionally, you are required to be the JpGU member with annual due of 2000JPY.

Satoru Tanaka -- IFREE, JAMSTEC
Yasu Kuwayama -- Ehime Univ.
Yuhji Yamamoto -- Kochi Univ.